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About Us: POLAT WOOD PRODUCTS started to establish its roots in the Şire Market of Elazig province in the early 20th century. The roots of Polat are carpentry.


POLAT WOOD PRODUCTS, which was founded by Yusuf Polat in the 1930s, got its current official name in 1995. Polat, who took the first step in material business with the MDF regional dealership in 1986, currently sells and markets more than 2,000 products in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia.


Vision:   The long-term vision of POLAT WOOD PRODUCTS is to maintain its knowledge and sales leadership in the field of wood products in its region and to reinforce it with innovative products and to expand its area of ​​influence. In addition, to implement industry 4.0 both in our production activities and in our marketing activities, and to increase the quality of the end products with technological development.


Mission: POLAT WOOD PRODUCTS has made it its mission to offer the right products at the right price. Our aim is to support the efforts of production of creative, eco-friendly and functional spaces that will be used by the end customer in the long term.


Artwork: The carpentry work from the roots carried himself to artistic works with wood since 1990 through the persona of Mehmet Polat. Mehmet Polat, our company partner and chairman of the board of directors, was selected to the living masters program of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey in 2016 and taken under protection by Unesco, thanks to his work made of wood. Click to see his artwork.



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